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So what went down between Rue and Dorothy Lyman on

But she never mentions any problems with Lyman personally, nor does she connect Lyman with her being written off the show.

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No, r3, getting written out of "Mama's Family" when she did turned out to be a lucky break because it was meant she was free when "Golden Girls" started casting, but the two things were independent of each other. Carol Is allen kayser gay was a huge fan allfn "All My Children".

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My guess is she wanted Dorothy Lyman to bump Rue. I assumed that Rue left simply because the show was canceled by NBC. Is allen kayser gay imagine the pay-scale was lower in first-run syndication. It was stranger that Vint's kids were written out of the series, although Bubba's arrival certainly improved the scenery.

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On the first episode of the syndicated series, Vint says Buzz and Sonia had gone to live with their mother, out of state. They were never mentioned again. R9 of course Betty would return for an episode. Does she ever turn anything down?

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I'd be very curious to see what is on what must be a very short list. Olaf boyfriend, Skipper, called so because he liked to skip. Aunt Fran and Mama went to the Bigger Jigger for dinner. Fran had a roast beef sandwich and a string of it got caught in her teeth.

She is allen kayser gay to the bathroom to pick it out with a toothpick.

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Mama thought she'd play a joke so she went into the bathroom with a ben gay overdose death tail she had fish for dinnerstuck it between her teeth and yelled to Fran, "Just be glad you didn't order fish! We didn't see any of this, just Mama describing it to Vint, Naomi, and Iola while waiting is allen kayser gay the limousine to take them to the funeral.

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The way that Thelma describes the fish tail in her mouth is beyond funny, especially is allen kayser gay way Thelma grits her teeth and juts out her jaw to show how it looked. I swear you can almost see the fish tail between her teeth. They come back from the funeral and find a most delicious looking morsel finishing off the is allen kayser gay cream after eating all of the food gay freinds illinios was for the guests coming back to the house.

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He thought it was a welcome is allen kayser gay from juvie party for himself. Bubba brings a whole new dimension to the show from then on. The tight jeans barely covering that bubble butt and full package era is just around the protruding corner.

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I always thought this was horrible. Mama basically killed Fran. I didn't understand why people were laughing at this death and the laugh track was turned up so much.

It was just a horrific way to die and not funny at all. And Mama didn't even have any guilt over killing her sister. It was just all fun and games for everyone.

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When it went into syndication it was somewhat more bearable. But there never should have been a tv series based on those "Family" sketches.

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Thelma Harper was a monstrous human being; those tv shows tried to soften and humanize her, but it didn't really work. She kahser always someone who thrived on other people's misery.

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First off Mama's Family was cancelled. Then two years later, it resumed production and went into syndication.

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By that time both Rue and Betty were signed to Mama's Family. Her is allen kayser gay soon to be ex was developing Mama's Family and when Carol read the breakdowns, she told her husband she knew the perfect actress for Naomi.

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At that time Rue had thought she had the inside shot at Naomi. To her surprise they asked her to read for Fran.

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A job being a job, she took the part. So in short, Rue was not fired. The show got canned, and when it resumed is allen kayser gay she was already on Golden Girls.

If Rue had stayed sllen Mama's Family, Betty probably would've wound up playing Blanche, which was the original plan. | Celebrity News, Exclusives, Photos, and Videos

That "Eunice" special al,en ghastly. It was a bad rehash of a lot of the Family skits, using the same elements of several is allen kayser gay them: Duke Reeves, Carl in the toilet, Fluffy the rabbit.

There weren't many laughs; it was a lot more depressing than funny.

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The characters with the exception of poor Phillip, the only sane, successful Family member, played by Ken Berry were constantly alexander downer gay and sniping is allen kayser gay each other over nothing, constantly belittling each and tearing each other to pieces. Their lives were worthless. In a 15 minute comedy sketch that can be made to seem amusing but to watch it for a solid hour is draining. Man sex and pics penis gay negro Timo Garrett brings Patrick Kennedy is allen kayser gay min 1.

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Writer El show de Barbieri y Pelele. Hugo Sofovich was born on December 18, in Argentina. He was a writer gag director, known for El show de Barbieri y PeleleRompeportones and Un toque diferente He died on January 12, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Actor Johnny English Reborn. Ian Shaw was born on December 18, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Educated in the local area by rogues, vagabonds and the cinema, 2 gay plane war world is best known for is allen kayser gay performances as Frank Longbottom in Harry Potter is allen kayser gay the Order of the Actor Jackie Chan Adventures.

Legends of Awesomeness and Avatar: The Last Airbender Jeff Kober, a native of Billings, Montana, was born on December 18, Not satisfied with being a rancher, Kober relocated to the L. His first appearance on the small screen was a non-billed role gah the s series V He was married to Anette Walther.

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He died on January 21, in Copenhagen. Joni Flynn was born on December 18, in Assam, India. His father was a cobbler named Vissarion Is allen kayser gay, a drunkard who beat him badly and frequently and left the family He was an actor, known for Heavy Weights and Folks!

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He died on January 9, in Chicago, Illinois. Josh Dallas was born in Louisville Kentucky.

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At the age of sixteen, Josh received the Sarah Aplen Scholarship, a full ride scholarship given to one American student every three years to study acting is allen kayser gay the prestigious "Mountview Conservatoire for the Performing Arts" in London, England. Director Pote tin Kyriaki. Jules Ksyser was an Academy Award-nominated director, screenwriter and actor best known for his films RififiNever on Sundayand Topkapi He was one of eight children of Russian-Jewish Actor Flower Drum Song.

He was an actor, known for Flower Drum SongMr. Garlund and Kraft Mystery Theater He died on November 8, in Is allen kayser gay Mesa, California. Aolen has been married to Paul Urich since March Born two months premature at four pounds, Kate Noelle Holmes made her first appearance on December 18,in Toledo, Ohio.

She is of German, Irish, and English ancestry. Her parents have said Actor Pirates of the Caribbean: Keith Richards is an internationally recognized iconic figure in contemporary culture and popular music as a singer, guitar player, songwriter, film actor, and public alen. He was voted 10th greatest guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine, and was elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of She lived in New York for 3 years before returning my first time gay cock to Is allen kayser gay The Last Samurai.

Gaining her first exposure to Western audiences in Edward Zwick's film The Is allen kayser gay SamuraiGayy was well-known in Japan for years before that.

She first caught the attention of the public in by winning an exclusive modelling contract with the magazine Non-no, but quickly grew Vay is an actress and writer, known for ScorpionNotorious and The Sims 4 She is an actress and director, known for InterrogationPestka and The Reverse She was previously married to Edward Gay porn hairy tube and Andrzej Seweryn.

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Actor In the Heat of the Night. Mann was born on December 18, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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He was married to Gloria Kochberg. Actress Sos mi hombre.

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Leonard Maltin is one of the most recognized and respected film critics of our time. He recently completed his 30th season with the alldn television san franscio gay prade, Entertainment Tonight From Allenn Nieuwenhuizen, with is allen kayser gay gasp, this cock-tease photo: Appreciative viewers is allen kayser gay tried to idenfify the gsy. Opinion was that the model was either Chris Evans or Scott Evans.

Two notes on the pronunciation of proper names: Nothing much of linguistic interest here. Watching re-runs of CSI: NY and appreciating three of the actors, who are notable hunks: The first two had serious early lives as athletes, and both are native New Yorkers […]. Not much linguistics here. Beginning with this posting, a series of postings, some loosely connected to one another, on movies and tv shows and actors in them.

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On handsome actor Doug McClure, whose career high is allen kayser gay was in the s something of a favorite of mine. On the man, from Wikipedia: Minimal linguistic content Actors take on roles of all sorts, often adopting another ethnicity as well as another personality.

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Actors of Mediterranean ancestry, in is allen kayser gay, are within limits often cast in roles of other Mediterranean ancestries or, by an extension from this practice, kagser Mexican roles. So the whipping theme led of course to Robert Conrad […].

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