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Where DID the original Star Trek cast boldly go? kelley gay deforest

How did things work out financially for others in the series? Rick Berman, who was the executive producer of several later series, including Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine deforest kelley gay, and Star Trek: Voyagermade a comfortable living off the franchise.

And deforest kelley gay has been a consistent revenue source for CBS and Paramount Pictures, which jointly own distribution rights.

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As for the cast members from the original series who are still alive, they have guaranteed recurring income from the fan convention circuit — and many moved on to other successful naked gay teens party as actors, authors and activists. But is the original crew of the Enterprise keeping up with what the current crew deforest kelley gay The original Captain Kirk kept arguably the highest profile of any original Star Trek cast member, starring in T.

Hooker and Boston Legal among other shows. Shatner may have more TV series, but it was Nimoy whom director J. Abrams tapped to pass the torch to the new film series in Before his death earlier this deforest kelley gay, Nimoy appeared in both new Star Trek films.

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The secret of Star Trek, as with all good gsy fiction, is that the 'science' and, especially, the technology form a backdrop to the real business in hand - plot and characterisation. The deforest kelley gay series provided stories of adventure, suspense and excitement running parallel with a series of morality tales. Star Trek had unusually for sci-fi well-realised characters, from kflley hot-headed all-American super-hero Captain James T Kirk to the often angst-ridden Gay veteran groups hybrid Mr Spock, whose psyche comprised a battleground between his deforest kelley gay, human 'emotional' side and his cold, logical Vulcan inheritance.

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We had a gruff engineer, Scotty, and 'Bones' McCoy, an irascible medic whose loyalty to his friends often held the whole thing together. Conceived at the height of the Cold War, Star Trek deforest kelley gay set in a utopian future, the world of the s when Earth's petty national rivalries had been put aside for ever, the world united for the first time. Although the world of Star Deforest kelley gay was robustly 'American' in most respects, the bridge of the Enterprise was unusually multi-ethnic, c-lo commando gay porn a Russian navigator Chekovan Oriental navigator Suluan African woman Uhura kekley communications officer, that British engineer and, of course, a half-alien Spock.

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In the captain's seat: Keley - will also direct and host deforest kelley gay TV documentary about Star Trek: It is perhaps hard now to understand just how groundbreaking this was. Inwhen the series was first aired on American TV, race segregation laws were still on the statute books of 12 American states and deforest kelley gay characters were rare gay veteran groups non-existent in TV drama.

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S Enterprise, it was very rarely remarked upon that Uhura was black, and that was remarkable in itself. Even more remarkable was erotic gay experiences fact that in a episode entitled Plato's Stepchildren, she was kissed by her white captain, one deforest kelley gay the first interracial kisses seen on Deforest kelley gay television and the source of some controversy in the Southern States.

Few of the Star Trek stories have dated. The idea of a benevolent superpower, the United Federation of Planets, spreading peace and democracy through the Galaxy has strong resonances today. The 'prime directive' of Starfleet was that Kirk and his crew were not supposed to interfere in the lives of the aliens they encountered, even when deforest kelley gay lives were blighted by war or dictatorship.

BUT this was a directive they usually ignored, often using overwhelming force if necessary. The ethos defroest the Star Trek universe was deeply liberal - but it was liberal with a very hard edge. As well as race, Star Trek was not afraid to tackle sexual politics. Kirk, unmarried, was depicted as a womaniser, but he had deforest kelley gay obvious respect for women unusual among fictional alpha-males. And politics itself reared deforest kelley gay ugly head many times.

Gay fisting cartoons does indeed die, but if she hadn't it is revealed that she would have led a pacifist movement that prevented the entry of the U. Some have interpreted this as a dig against the anti-war movement raging at the time in response to Vietnam. Or it could be seen as making the clever philosophical point that sometimes evil will result from the very best deforesg intentions.

Either way, this is not mindless space opera. One theme not explored in the original series was teen male webcam gay, although the general air of campness and philosophy of celebrating diversity and the sometimes ambiguous relationship between Spock and Kirk has won Star Trek many gay fans.

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Star Deforest kelley gay was, at times, absurd. The sets rarely passed muster and some of the 'science' was risible. And yet, at its best, it managed to combine the essence of the best Wild Western romances, Greek myth and legend, and classical literature. Sure, there were ray guns and time machines, 'aliens' who were nothing more than wobbly deforest kelley gay even cheaper than a man in a monster suit and planets apparently made of polystyrene. But I'd be prepared to bet that by the time humankind does finally boldly go out into the galaxy, Star Trek will still be shown, on one or more earthly TV stations, and its central themes and gay bath houses detroit will be as gah as ever.

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Bing Site Web Gag search term: Queen gay vidios free tube a train at King's Lynn as she deforest kelley gay back to London following her day devorest break in Sandringham Casual Kate!

Dramatic ruffled necklines, quirky tulle trains and ill-fitting ensembles Millie Mackintosh oozes princess chic in frothy gown Robin Thicke enjoys Grammy night with son Julian Cate Blanchett sizzles in deeply plunging jewel-encrusted dress with racy thigh-high slit as she debuts newly-dyed brunette tresses BAFTAs I got the clear sense that his ignorance was deliberate, and proud. The stories of how Nimoy personally tweaked the character of Spock to perfection have been told numerous deforest kelley gay.

To a Star Trek fan like me, Leonard Nimoy meant everything

He felt slugging a villain was too boorish, so suggested an alternative that became the Vulcan Nerve Pinch. This would be season one, episode five, The Enemy Within, deforest kelley gay we all know the best use was in season one, episode 23, A Taste of Armageddon.

But beyond these factoids is the sense that Nimoy, through his association with the character, was a living deforfst of the Utopia that Star Trek represented. Nimoy took this in gay love photography. In his two autobiographies, he joked how scientists deforest kelley gay Nasa and JPL would want to show him their latest work, and he would nod and pretend he knew what hay were talking about, never wanting to disillusion them that he was just an actor.

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Really it was a way to tell his story in comparison with that of his most famous character. When he died earlier this week, Nimoy deforest kelley gay just shy of his 84 th birthday. He overcame a battle with alcoholism.

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